Our sister lands safely.

Oh, Khalifah. Chinua's wonderful sister touched down today, at 3:30 in the morning. We convinced her to stay up all day, to beat the lag. She did, and in the sleepy afternoon we went to the beach, to keep everyone awake. It worked.

Now she's asleep on the couch. Solo just dropped a steel plate on the marble, right beside her head (it was an accident, a very LOUD accident) and she didn't even MOVE. The lag has attacked, but she made it until 8:00 in the evening, so she gets a gold medal and hopefully a full night's sleep.

We've missed her so much, and we miss our other family too, even more, now that she's here, full of stories of new nieces and nephews and Chinua's dad and oh, what beautiful, joyful heartache, a visit from a sister.