This is (sometimes) what happens when nine-year-old boys come up with their own solutions

Me: Solo, why do you have a bald spot on the back of your head? WHO CUT YOUR HAIR?

Solo: Kid A.

Me: ... (looking at Kid A)

Kid A ... (looking at me)

Chinua: You cut his hair? Don't ever cut your brother's hair.

Kid A: I HAD to. There was something stuck in it.

Me: Under what circumstances... (sigh) What was stuck in it that you had to cut it out?

Kid A: The engine from a broken toy car.

Me: ...

Chinua: You mean... it wasn't even anything... chemical... or gum or something?

Me: Son. We're right here. Just ask us for help.

All of us, looking at the bald patch at the back of Solo's head giggle. Then we change back to serious faces. Then we giggle again.

That boy looks silly.