If anyone ever wants to interview me about writing, (you know, after the book comes out) I have a good question ready for that person.

Q: Approximately how much of your novel would you say you have written with either Leafy or Solo on your lap, typing while they wriggle around and try to get their sticky hands on the keyboard, dig into your hips with their sharp elbows, and deliver numerous requests for juice or milk?

A: A LOT. A lot of it. Too much.


And here's a free word for you, while we're giving out free stuff, courtesy of Little Solo.

Ready? Scooter-michael. Like a motorcycle, except a scootermichael! Imagine him pointing as we go down the road: Scootermichael! Scootermichael!

Once you say it, your whole day will be looking up.

(Thanks for indulging the week of beauty! And thanks for those who participated~ I loved seeing your beautiful things.)