Week of Beauty: The YaYa Sister


She is, undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful creatures I have ever seen.

When I asked her what kind of things she thought were beautiful, she said, "THE WORLD!" When I asked her to be more specific, she said, "Everything! The plants, the sky, the trees. Everytime I look outside, it is just so BEAUTIFUL!" Deep dramatic sigh; arms flung open.

She is so loving. She never stops making things. I cannot believe the gift she is to my life.


The other day we were cuddling and she was being all mushy (that's what I grew up calling a lovey, sentimental moment) and I told her I was so glad I had her, and she told me I was beautiful, and I told her she was beautiful, and she said, "Oh! I'm so glad I came out of your body!"

And I was immediately taken back to that moment, almost seven years ago, when she was born, my little slippery perfect girl, and how at that moment I could never have known just how incredible she would really be. That she would be someone we are all glad to see, every single time. That she would make up songs, and cuddle hurt people, and have a will of steel, and be sassy sometimes, and then say sorry, and make boats out of leaves and mud, and make turtle sand sculptures, and draw stories, and dance.

I just had no idea.