Stomach thing= yuck

After three and a half days of travel, we got here. And how could I forget to mention how amazing the kids are? They are serious troopers, walking with backpacks through crazy crowded Indian train stations and barely breaking a sweat. Little Solo was and is insanely proud of his backpack. He can't stop pointing it out. We're all, YES WE SEE. You have a BACKPACK! Great for you.

No, really, it's the cutest thing.

So it was two days on a train and a day in a jeep. Not so bad at all. The jeep took some super short road that the buses don't go on, it seems, because the trip was a lot shorter than I thought it would be.

And we are in Nepal! It is so beautiful here. I'm enjoying the coolness. I'm enjoying the friendly people.

I have lots to tell and show, but some sort of stomach thing got me on the way up and I am often in pain at the moment. I'm hoping everything sorts itself out over the next few days. Until then, I'm going to go and lie on my stomach some more.