Who needs cold stuff anyways?

Happy napkins.

We have a place.

It is amazing and strange, all at the same time. Our good friends rented this big house out last year, they told us which one it was and when we went to look, the owners had changed. The new owners are renting it out piecemeal, so we rented a couple of rooms and are sharing a kitchen and living room.

There is a lovely American girl staying there, as well as the Nepali guy who manages it. He is very kind and sweet. We have roommates! It's sort of like staying in a guest house, but with more space and a garden.

The views are right onto the lake here in Pokhara. It's really an incredible house. Lots of mirrors and marble. It's what I call Indian-fancy, except we are in Nepal.

We don't have a fridge, so I will be relearning that delicate art of only buying enough milk and cheese and perishable vegetables for one day, and not making too much food, because you can't refrigerate leftovers. But even if we had a refrigerator, it wouldn't help, because the power allotment here is twelve hours per day.

There are worse things than eating by candlelight. Like washing dishes by candlelight.

But seriously, with the mirrors and the marble and the great big huge windows that let in all the light we want during the day, this little spot is amazing. The milk shop is right across the street, so first thing, I can go and get it for my coffee. Everything within walking distance.

My stomach is a little better every day. Something strange happened to my large intestine. It didn't feel good. But I'm getting better.