Carrien's Review

Carrien is an old friend of mine. We traveled together in an old rusty van (that was literally named "Rusty") during some of the most important days of our lives. They were days of eating a few old potatoes because we had run out of money, of driving the coast of California and the highways of British Columbia, of sleeping on the floor, of singing and praying in the wee hours, daily.

Now she is bravely forging ahead in her life with her husband, working to establish security for a beautiful children's project in Thailand, and working to start a self-sustainable orphanage model. Having done non-profit work for years, I know what that means. What it means is you stay up after your kids go to bed (Carrien has four as well) and work on writing letters or bookkeeping. It means very real sacrifice, and it is an incredible thing to see a mother step up to the plate and give up her time to help kids in desperate need.

Today you can head on over to Carrien's blog to see her beautiful words about The Eve Tree. I almost hesitate to send you there because she said too many nice things about me. But her review of the book is wonderful. Thanks, Carrien.