Week in the Life- Thursday

(I'm posting photos I took to document a week in my life- the last week of July. It happened to be a traveling week, so you're witnessing a little of what it means for us to travel from place to place.)

Thursday was kind of a rough day, and I didn't take a ton of photos. We took a bus from Bandipur to Kathmandu, and Chinua still had a fever, so it wasn't the easiest journey. But we made it!

Pancakes for breakfast in our guesthouse. I packed up and we lugged our stuff down the street and into a jeep to head down the mountain.

I was aiming to be early, and the bus was late, so we ended up waiting on the side of the road for an hour.

Poor Chinua.

This was the dish washing station for the little restaurant we were parked in front of. We didn't eat there.

The kids played Statues or something like that.

To make the time go faster.

They're awesome. There was some complaining, but not too much.

I found out that oranges = bars of gold.

And eventually we got on the bus and drove the five hours to Kathmandu. I didn't get any photos on the bus. But we were very relieved to get to our guest house, with its inviting bed.

Of course, soon we had to head out and find something to eat.

This falafel stand was just the ticket.

We have these days, traveling sometimes. When someone isn't feeling well and we just make it through. With love. And fall into bed at the end of the day.