A beloved place.

A cuddle on the train

Indian train

Morning peace in my friend's courtyard

Morning light

Washing dishes 1    

Women in a window

Cycles in Varanasi

Leaf's beautiful courtyard

Leaf's baby plants

And we're here. Been here for a few days, actually, after a bus, an overnight train, a plane, and another overnight train. On the second train, the Indian one, I had what can only be termed as an emotional catastrophe, exacerbated by the fact that about eight men were avidly watching me have it. I was just too tired and I didn't want to be watched. I sat and had tears pouring down my cheeks, trying not to have tears pouring down my cheeks, and I was in a public place, and there was nowhere to go to hide!

It was terrible. There was too much scrutiny, and trying not to melt down only made me melt down all the worse. And then it was quite humorous in the morning when I woke up feeling better. Crying in public places while pregnant is a past time of mine.

The kids and I got chai from the chai wallas (our very favorite part of traveling on Indian trains) and I stood at the open door of the train, feeling the cool breeze and the air and light that I have only ever felt or seen in India. This place is truly like nowhere else.

We arrived at the home of our friends and were welcomed with cinnamon rolls and love. Since then, there has been gardening, singing, eating, talking, and hugging. This place has been such a safe place for us over the years. Walking in, we feel refreshed and inspired. We've had such moments of creativity and blessing here, and now those memories have all soaked in to the smells and the sounds and some inspired door unlocks as soon as we arrive.

I feel very, very blessed.

(Yesterday we even went to an Indian Mela. More pictures soon.)