I like to ride my...

Oh the light.jpg

One reason that Christmas went well this year, I think, is that the presents were very simple. The kids got a toy each from us, and a toy each from each other (I split them up in the store and had the little kids choose something for the big kids and the big kids choose something for the littles... though, really, am I calling Leafy little? Wishful thinking. Older kids and younger, maybe.) They got more Lego and K'Nex (ordered online and carried over lovingly by their dad, who is part camel) from their grandparents, and then! Boardgames! Boardgames are a win for everyone!

(I really am not a big fan of Monopoly, though others in my family love it. And I think I've pinned it down to my issues around money. Scrambling to come up with money for rent strikes a little close to home with certain instances in the past and is. not. fun. It's the anxiety-inducing game! You're headed for poverty, ho! ho! ho! You have to mortgage all your properties and watch as the bank reclaims them! We're having so much fun!)

I got a lovely bracelet and necklace that Chinua and Kenya picked out, and here is the present I am Very Excited About!

New bike.jpg

A second-hand Japanese city bicycle, just for me! There are so many times that I jump on the scooter when I would benefit from cycling my little legs around and getting more movement in my life. I plan to change the basket in front to one of the lovely local bamboo baskets and to put a little bamboo baby seat on the back, for Isaac. And it's purple.

I cycled to a quiet place to write today, my first writing day since the beginning of November. I've been jotting down some writing plans and getting some work done in my novel. Despite my terrible head cold, I am very, very content.