Today I want to point you to this post written by my beautiful friend Christy. You will remember Christy and Ian, her husband, who battled leukemia and overcame with the help of a bone marrow transplant from his brother. 

They were in the middle of plans of moving to Thailand by the fall, and Christy was even here, looking at houses, when she caught an early plane back because of warning signs Ian was experiencing. He has relapsed and is in need of our prayers. They are back in the swamps of chemo and hospitals, but if there are two people more full of faith and beauty, I don't know them. These two are humble in heart, incredibly giving, and full of trust that they will be here with us within a year. Please pray with us for them. We want them in our community! We want Ian to be Well!. 

Thank you friends, I'm glad that I can trust you with this.