I'm running again. I stopped for the fire season, and after some weeks of rain I realized it was time to start, the air was clear and bright and I had no excuse anymore. It feels better this time, as though, despite my long break, I've been getting more used to the gait of running. 

When I run I pass many people on motorbikes. Sometimes the market is already set up and I run past people buying mangoes and underwear. I grow incredibly flushed when I exercise, and it takes hours for my face to return to normal. I listen to music. I reach a point when I feel invincible, like I'm taming this beast that I call my body, it's working for me and I own it. Then I reach a point when I feel like my heart is going to pound out of my chest. I push myself a little longer and then I walk. As I cool down, I collect photos of flowers or interesting things. 

I don't run far. Yesterday I made 3 km. I figure that running shorter and more often will be better for me in the end. And I do feel a difference. I feel like my legs can carry me anywhere.