I love the mailman. (John is his name.)

Yesterday, a day that needed some cheer, I got a big box of Pull Ups in the mail. Only, when I opened it, there were no Pull Ups inside. Instead, I found this:

This is a treasure chest for me. An actual box of gold. Especially the PG Tips.

But that's not all. There were also these. These have become an old-standing joke/gift, hearkening back to this post.

There were three bags. Now there are two. We don't waste time around here.

Also, there was this little stash. Oh, she knows how to make a girl's day.

And a mystery bag! I love mystery bags. I think this one may be some kind of coffee alternative drink or something, from the smell. I'm not sure.

One thing is certain. Sara really outdid herself. I feel very, very loved. Thanks, girl.