Every Mom needs to know she's needed

Well, I once again expected everyone to be bummed out by my negativity, and then everyone instead told me I'm purty. Gee whiz.

It's one of the great discoveries of my life. In true friendship, there is room for sharing, even with the hard things. I'm always so concerned about not being a burden. But there is definitely a difference between throwing bricks at someone and leaning your head on your friend's shoulder.

My friend Sara called today, so that we can work out a way to get my computer to her husband, so that he can fix it for me. And she called our friend Christy, who called me and conversed with me about high interest accounts- saying pretty much the same things that Heather said in her comment. Did you know that there are blogs that show you which accounts have the highest interest? I didn't. I think that maybe there are blogs for everything. And then there are blogs like mine, the ones that don't seem to know what category they fit into. Parenting? Personal? Art? Humor? Inspirational? Melodramatic? But anyways, it was sweet for my friends to leap to my rescue. It made me feel very much not as alone. (How's that for a sentence?)

One thing that was hanging over me since we got home is the fact that we had no FOOD in the house. And that we've been eating nothing but eggs because we have no food in the house. I babysat for a friend yesterday and when she came over I asked if it was okay if her daughter had eggs for lunch.

"Well... she's actually already had eggs today, but that's fine, I guess," she said, kindly.

And I was like, "IT'LL HAVE TO BE OKAY, BECAUSE THAT'S THE ONLY CHOICE." But I didn't actually say that. But it was true.

So, today I went shopping, blissfully alone except for the little butterfly in my womb, and first of all I had to plan my meals.

Some of you know that ever since I was eighteen I have lived in community, and in most of our communities there has been meal sharing. In the last one, at the Land, Renee practically begged to be the cook, the whole cook, and only the cook, so help her God, so we let her. And I scrambled my brain on taxes. But anyways, SEVEN MEALS A WEEK! I'm so new at this. I love to cook, let me just say. LOVE IT.

But what do y'all cook? I mean, good gracious, how do you feed yourselves? I don't know how people do it, night after night. Maybe it's partly because I'm using up so much energy right now, incubating this baby, that about half an hour after I eat, I'm STARVING, but it just seems like overkill, eating everyday.

So, today, wracking my brain, I called my mom to ask her for her lasagna recipe. She gave it to me over the phone, in a kind of sketchy memorized fashion, since she's been cooking for decades.

Then, later, at the store, I called her again. "You said ground beef. But how many pounds of ground beef?" (What did I think she was going to say? Four?) She told me one, and then we hung up. Because it costs me about a million dollars an hour to call Canada on my cell phone.

Then, later, when they found my phone in the freezer, next to the frozen juices, the grocery store people called the last number that I had called, which happened to be my Mom and Dad. (It says, Mom and Dad. We're not on a first name basis.) And they explained to my Mom that they had located my phone in the freezer and that when I came looking for it to please let me know that it was at the grocery store. But not in the freezer anymore.

What a day of phone calls for my Mom. There's nothing to let you know that you're still connected to your daughter like ground beef and lost cell phone notifications.

I'm sure she laughed.

And really- what do you eat? I'm checking out food blogs and stuff, but I'm curious, what do you eat a lot of, and how do you plan your weekly meals?