We all eat

Wow, that was awesome, you amazing flock of commenters, coming to my rescue!

We all eat, that's for sure.

I love to see the diversity of suggestions. From raw to vegetarian to meaty.

We are not vegetarian, mostly because my kids are allergic to dairy, soy, fish, and nuts. They are also allergic to citrus fruits. It makes for a pretty restricted diet. Not being able to give them tofu bums me out. Same with nuts. And ORANGES. But anyways. I hope they'll outgrow this. And their allergies are mild, no anaphylactic shock or anything.

The allergies absolutely threw me for a loop when I first started feeding Kid A, but now I am more used to a lifestyle of dancing around food. I've realized, also, that in a lot of foods, you can just eliminate the dairy without harming the food too much. We try to have a plant-based diet, however, so usually we don't eat as many eggs as I made it sound like we eat. And we have meat a couple of times a week.
I'm going to bring up my good friend Renee again, just because I miss her so much I could cry, (She came over to my house for coffee every single day in the six months before we left the land. I almost spent more time with Renee than any other person.) but I have to give her props for handling my kids' food allergies with care while she was cooking at the Land.

But anyways, thank you thank you for your time and recipes and suggestions. I love the way you all talk about food. It seems so offhand, like, slappity slap, and then I just dash a bit of this into a chunk of that and Voila! Or, I make pizza and then I take the leftovers and make a wedding cake! Well, nobody said that, but it would be a cool trick, wouldn't it? And then everyone is pouring juice into everything like zippity zap, it used to be juice and now it's dinner! Or whip up some sushi! You are all Kitchen Superstars.

I think more than anything it made me realize that food is just food, and there is no magic potion that will make me into a perfect cook. Just get healthy food into the bodies, that's all.

And bang your head against the wall repeatedly, trying to come up with things to cook before grocery day.

I will let you know how it goes, though.