Upwards of zero

Have I told you about the parrot?  The dead one?

The other day there was a dead parrot in our yard. Not a blue jay, or a sparrow, but a parrot.  A brilliant green parrot.  It just fell out of the sky for an unknown reason.

It's the kind of thing that reminds me that I moved REALLY FAR FROM HOME, even when I'm getting so used to it here.

But that's not what I wanted to write about.  Things have been crazy in our little home here, but they're getting better.  The baby had some rough days when it seemed like all I could do was hold him and watch my other kids quarrel with each other.  An exaggeration, but only just.

The days are slanting upwards, however, and I re-examine my goals again.  My ideals have come to a pin point; writing takes the back seat.  The daily goal shrinks to peace.  Let us have peace and let us be kind.  Kind to each other and to everyone in this jungle village/metropolis.  The begging women who come to the door, the peddlers who pester me, the wonderful neighbors, the little boy next door who pounds into my house at 9:00 PM and wakes Solo.  I have emails to catch up on, I have thoughts that beg to be shared and expressed and colored over oceans and skies, but we will have peace this day and the next.

But that also is not what I want to write about.  Today I had a second to read a few blogs, and I caught up a little on my friend Carrien's.  She writes beautifully about a needful situation.  Please read this and donate a few dollars if you can, for a man who has taken in forty orphaned children from threatened people groups.

I love that Carrien and her family are helping this man.  I love it that they have found a way to reach out their hands and extend themselves to forty little children who have no parents.  And it's like they have given us a window into a small place in another country.  Young lives at risk and in need.  It's real, it's right now, and it echoes all over the world, but we as a caring community can definitely help with these ones through this window.