Breaking stuff

In the spirit of throwing money away, (see yesterday's post) today when we were at lunch eating the cheapest food around (Pide, which is really good, bread and cheese, a pregnant woman's dream) Leafy knocked a bottle of wine onto the concrete floor.

Everyone in the entire restaurant let out a huge collective gasp. Fortunately it wasn't a very expensive bottle of wine, but I felt like a heel as wine trickled all the way down the street in front of the open restaurant. I bought some bread and cheese and olives again, and we have fruit... probably tomorrow we will just stay here at the guest house to eat. We seem to be slightly accident prone.

To tell you the truth, my eyes welled up with tears when I felt the eyes of everyone in the restaurant on me. This is not always easy. And I think Leafy is going to give me a heart attack, beautiful harbor or no beautiful harbor. Two-year-olds are not the most relaxing traveling companions. But they sure are cute.

But you should see the beautiful wooden sailboats. Oh my.