As promised

Pics of the kids with their new clothes on.  YaYa is wearing a Salwar Kameez, a traditional Punjabi garment that is now worn all over India.  I think I may dress her in them from now until forever, because they suit her so well.

And because it is almost pointless to be a mom with a blog unless you can include your cute kid anecdotes, I will tell you about this conversation between Leafy and I. ( Just so you know, I'm not some kind of psycho mom who buckles my son down for school at age 2; the kid feels left out and wants me to teach him as well.)

"Ok, Leafy, what is this letter?"

"A T!"

"That's right!  And what's this one?"

"A O!"

"Uh huh!  Good, and what's this one?"

"I don't know. It's an umbrella!"

"Well, kind of... It's a U.  U is for umbrella."

"Me is for umbrella?"

"No, not you is for umbrella.  The letter U is for umbrella."

"The letter me is for umbrella?"

And so on.  Sometimes Leafy seems like the very stamp out of what someone would make if they were inventing the quintessential toddler.  Totally cute, totally crazy, totally mischievous, throwing out quotes left , right and center.

And as for our shipping.  I really think I understand the term now, when our ship comes in. Before you tell me to shut up already about it, you have to know that it contains my entire curriculum, all of our books, all our toys except for the five that are here with us, that have been with us since Turkey, our instruments, oh, and the mattress.  Sigh.  They say two to three weeks for processing through customs.  Sigh again.  When our ship comes in.