One: Kindness and Pesto

Kid A and the lips

I think that I have decided to join Schmutzie's Grace in Small Things challenge.

I say I think because I am not so great at following through with thingy-ma-jigs that fall in sequence. But any number of days that I notice five positive things and write them down is better than no days, right?

And it might just jog me out of this blog apathy that is not really apathy, but a desire to say so many things and the fear that I won't be able to say them. (Oh no, there I go with the fear again.)


So here goes: (The rules are: list five positive things every day. Simple, eh?)

1. I was having a stern talk with Kid A this morning about the need to be kind to his little brother, the Leafy Boy, and to think about his brother rather than just doing whatever he wants and ending up hurting him. All the while Leafy was piping in with, "Hugging is kind, right Mama? Kissing is kind, right?"

2. Tonight after I got the baby to sleep, my Superstar Husband put the kids to bed so that I could head back out on the scooter to join the girls at their favorite coffee shop. (The only coffee shop.)

3. While we were there, we were discussing the differences in age between siblings in my family, and I said that my younger sister and brother are exactly two years apart. My sister, the ever zesty Becca, shot me a look and said, "Two years and one day," and then mouthed threateningly and absurdly, Not EXACTLY two years!

I collapsed in giggles, something I haven't done in a while.

4. After our community lunch today a few of us sat and created some things together. I worked on a drawing and then wrote a letter to someone who is leaving tomorrow. The kids painted on paper, the floor, and themselves, Renee mixed colours and kept exclaiming, "I LOVE painting. I LOVE painting!" And we all just played and listened to music for a couple of hours. It was nice.

5. I didn't make it down to the beach in time to dance, but I did watch the dancers with the late afternoon sun and the water behind them. The kids drew in the sand with sticks. I met some new people. I invited some people over for dinner tomorrow. I will make pesto and attempt to use cashews. We'll see how it goes.