Ten: While falling asleep

This will be short.  I had so many good intentions for taking photographs today, but then the day picked me up and started swinging me around by the seat of my pants.  Swing swing swing.  Somebody please tell me that this is just a phase.  I am so tired.

Grace abounds.  Small and big.

1. Yesterday a beautiful couple gave me a new baby carrier.  It is more comfy than my baby wrap right now, as Solo continues to morph into a toddler at the age of six months.  It was so sweet of them to give it to me.

2. There is a field by my house that is covered in flowering bushes.  Every color of butterfly imaginable is attracted to these bushes, so walking through the field is like walking through butterfly heaven.

3. I didn't have to gut fish today.  Every day, since the day when I was around eleven and my parents bought several gallons of herring and we stayed up all night cleaning them, I am thankful that I didn't have to gut fish today.

4.  I didn't have to eat any herring today.  Yecccchhh.

5. Leafy is a hugging monster, the chai was good in the afternoon, I made the bomb soup for lunch, Solo said Dada, we danced (it's Wednesday), SOMEDAY I will have our train tickets figured out, there are more things in life than having a clean house, and maybe I will be able to get up earlier than the kids at some point, so as to have some solitude before it's all oatmeal and mashed bananas up in my face.

You can always hope.